5 Office Technology Trends for 2020

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Nov 20, 2019
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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Staying on top of the latest trends in office technology can give you a much-needed edge over your competition — and enhance your own productivity and efficiency as well. From an intense focus on interconnectivity and automation to fresh ways to connect with customers, here's what you can expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

Automation Goes Mainstream

Big brands have been aware of the great potential for saving both time and money that automation allows for. Expect to see large, household brands continue to make the most of automated procedures that allow human employees to focus on what they do best: engaging with customers and clients. Automation is more accessible than ever before for smaller brands — expect more and more small- to mid-sized businesses to adopt automated procedures for routine tasks in the coming year. 

Multichannel Customer Support

There are more ways than ever before to reach your target prospect, and the growing emphasis on multichannel marketing uses technology to ensure that customers have a seamless experience, whether they get in touch online, reach out on Facebook or call in on the phone. Technology that ensures that any operator can see the customer's history, past orders and past experiences creates a truly immersive and engaging connection, something that just can't be done without the aid of technology. 

Machine-to-Machine Conversations

Transactions, problem-solving and routine tasks can be handled entirely by machine-to-machine contact, freeing human personnel for other tasks. Expect to see more Internet of Things and Internet of Machines interaction as the year progresses. This process also supports the growing interest in automation, further boosting efficiency and reducing error. 

Chatbots … Made Better

Some brands already use chatbots to route calls, chats and inquiries, but most of us can tell we're communicating with a bot. Look for increasingly sophisticated chatbots in a wider range of fields and brands. Technoloigy brands continue to push the natural speech and conversation envelope — without pushing customers too far into the "uncanny valley" — that uncomfortable sensation most of us get when confronted with almost human AI or robotics. 

Focus on Collaboration

Empowering employees to work together does more than just create a harmonious workplace; it enhances the customer experience as well. Expect to see more brands investing in cloud solutions that allow for real-time updates and collaborative work — no more shuffling around versions of files or worse, relying on paper files to process orders and run projects. While ready access in real time to the latest documents, notes and schematics makes everyone's job easier at work, this kind of connectivity supports offsite work as well. Expect to see a huge focus on collaboration and working together, thanks to emerging technology. 

From automation to enhanced collaboration, getting to know the latest trending developments in office technology ensures your brand is poised to take advantage of the convenience, time-saving and increased efficiency each of these fresh approaches has to offer. Contact ATSI today to discover how the latest in office tech can help your brand thrive in 2020 and beyond. 

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