A Phone System that Maximizes Your Control

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Mar 8, 2016
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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You’ve realized that your current phone system is no longer working for your growing business.  So you do what any savvy business person does – you research your options. And you quickly comprehend that what you need is a phone system that will minimize disruptions to your business and integrate with your current custom applications, all at a reasonable cost. Most importantly, you want to be able to control how you use, manage and pay for the phone system over the long term. It might be time to consider a telephone platform that gives you total control in three critical manners.  

Control over care
If you like the idea of being able to control how and when you complete a phone system upgrade, and determine who administers changes to your phone system, then an onsite phone system may be right for your business.  An onsite system gives you physical control of your phone system. You have the ability to determine when you want to make system changes and upgrades. It also gives you the ability to have a non-technical person manage moves, adds and changes as you need. And the flexibility of the system gives the administrator access from anywhere. Meaning it’s a single image administration, no matter how many sites or locations you have.

Control over custody
What is your ownership preference?  If you have a certain comfort level when the assets you buy are sitting under your roof, an onsite phone system will give you complete custody of the equipment. Simply put, you own it. This type of investment can create a future benefit for your business by reducing long-term system costs while increasing the book value of your company.  With an onsite phone system, you don’t necessarily have to commit to large capital outlays. The financial decision of leasing, renting or buying is up to you. When you own the phone system, you have ultimate control over the asset. You decide how you spend money on the care and maintenance, helping you control your costs in a way that makes sense for your business.    

Control over administration
The ease of administration with an onsite phone system means it will work with the applications you already own, while minimizing business disruptions. If you’ve built your own custom applications that you want to integrate with your phone system, you can do that. Applications you have purchased, developed or customized like Microsoft Outlook, custom paging, and other business applications are easily integrated with an onsite phone system you control. This allows you to keep what you’ve already built and connect it with a phone system that offers you more control without affecting your users’ productivity or your customers’ experience.

Determining what’s right for your business
There are companies that want to move to the cloud. And there are other companies that want to maintain control of the assets they own. As you consider your phone system options, consider how an onsite phone system may allow you the type of control you require in your business so you can minimize disruptions, integrate to applications you’ve already customized and manage how you pay for the system. Perhaps it’s the best solution for your business.