ATSI Video Conferencing: Why It's Right For Your Organization

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Oct 12, 2020
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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COVID-19 has transformed the way that businesses and organizations operate. Instead of traveling and meeting face-to-face, more and more people are using video conferencing and video calling services. If you are looking to host a video conference or video meeting, you may be looking at different services that offer this type of service. However, before you simply select the first one that you see, it is important that you understand that not every service is the same. There are key differences between various platforms and video conferencing services. ATSI is one of the leaders in video conferencing. Here are a few of the elements that set us apart from our competitors. 

ATSI Offers a Secure Video Conferencing Platform

One of the features that ATSI is pleased to offer is security. We offer a secure video conferencing platform. What you discuss during a video conference or video meeting should only be streamed to those you intend to stream it to. No one else should be able to interfere in your meeting or hear or see what is taking place. When you use our secure system, you can rest assured that the stream is only going to those that you have invited to join the conference or call. 

ATSI Has an Easy to Use Interface

Another feature that is beneficial to the ATSI video conference platform is that we have a simple, easy to use interface. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to video meetings and conferencing. When you want to conference with your at-home employees, suppliers, or business contacts, you want to use an interface that they can all easily navigate and figure out how to use in a matter of minutes. Our interface is simple and easy to navigate, making it a great choice for people of all technology skill levels. 

ATSI Offers Flexible Connections

One of the lesser known elements that you should be looking at when you are selecting a video conferencing service is what types of connections the service allows. Does the service only work on Apple iPhones? Can you only use the service on Windows-based computers? ATSI offers flexible connections, allowing a user using any type of smartphone, tablet or computer operating system to use our service. This is a great option for people from various organizations who may be trying to connect into the video or conference from different equipment or different operating systems. 

ATSI Uses Modern, High-Quality Technology

Lastly, here at ATSI, we use modern, high-quality technology. This helps to ensure the video conferencing platform is high quality. You won't get grainy video that lags, sound that cuts in and out, or hear muffled noises and static. Our system makes it possible for everyone on the call to interact, seeing and hearing each other as if you were all in the same room together. 

Whether you are looking to host your first video conference, or you are looking for a new provider for video conferencing because the last company you tried wasn't up to the quality standards you expected, ATSI is here for you. Use our service today and find out why our customers love and us and see how video conferencing can be taken to the next level with our high-quality, modern video conferencing platform. 

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