Balancing AI and Old-School Methods in Business Communication

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Jun 5, 2023
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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AI -- or artificial intelligence -- has quickly risen from a trendy buzzword relegated almost solely to the tech industry to a group of technologies that is felt in nearly every aspect of everyday life. This is true for the niche of business communications.

Business Communications Explained

Business communications have long been a fluid and necessary aspect of any successful company. From refining the message that a business wants to deliver to its customers to designing ways to reach its targeted markets, being able to develop a framework of business communication that is both successful and flexible is the aim of proactive companies.

Business communication reaches beyond just the company-customer example though. Refining communication successfully means that businesses have to be nimble enough to relay information to clients, business partners, and employees using appropriate methods that achieve the desired goals.

AI Unraveled

AI is a buzzword that is not fully understood by the average person. This is especially true of busy business owners and other decision-makers who must delve into the murky and ever-changing waters of fluid technology.

Unlike many people's beliefs, AI is not simply one technology. Instead, it is better thought of as an umbrella term that covers a swath of related applications. For example, the term "AI" includes natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics, and more.

Ways AI Can Benefit Business Communication

Today, the business landscape is more competitive than ever before. In order to stay relevant and thrive, businesses need to make the most of every minute of the workday.

To this end, there are a number of ways that AI can benefit the ways businesses communicate. These include:

  • using data analysis to drive better decision making
  • increasing productivity by automating routine tasks
  • reducing the potential for both fraud and other types of threats
  • increasing customer options for self-service
  • enhancing internal and external communication engagement
  • improving the customer experience

Potential Limitations When Using AI-Driven Business Communication

With all the benefits AI-fueled business communication offers, the technology still has limitations that make it easy for a company to experience a stumble. This could be something as simple as customers being unable to tell the difference between content that is AI generated and that which is crafted by humans.

However, more damaging impacts could also be felt. These include sensitive customer or company data being mishandled. Predictions that are grounded in AI-produced data can result in outcomes that are misleading.

Overcome AI's Challenges and Harness its Potential with The Human Touch

The answer to overcoming the challenges of AI while also taking full advantage of its many benefits is to connect with the right humans. Marrying The Human Touch with AI's potential saves busy companies from time-consuming and expensive trial and error.

Choosing the right business communication partner cuts the guesswork out of learning the AI approach to take.

ATSI and The Human Touch Difference

ATSI Business Communication Systems uses a proven four-prong approach driven by a dedicated team when helping its clients revolutionize their usage of AI. Starting with the discovery phase, ATSI assesses the unique relationship a business has with communication.

Next, ATSI taps into its cutting-edge solutions that are designed to help the business scale before deploying the new system. Lifetime user training and partner support ensure that businesses always have answers, knowledge, and solutions at their fingertips.

Contact ATSI today to expand your knowledge on enhancing the efficiency and expertise of both your business communication and AI implementation.