Is Your Office Prepared for Weather Events?

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Sep 14, 2021
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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Mother nature has always been an unpredictable force. In recent decades, however, the inclement weather -- from wildfires and flooding to hurricanes and tornados -- has played a significant role in the loss of productivity, data and other elements that are vital when it comes to keeping a business competitive. 

Using the Cloud to Navigate Weather Events

One of the most intuitive methods a business can use to navigate weather events is to tapc-dustin-K-Iog-Bqf8E-unsplash into the possibilities the cloud provides. Many businesses are aware of the security the cloud provides for their valuable data. Using the cloud also provides a number of advantages during inclement weather events. 

Protect Data

Protecting data by investing in the cloud means an end to worries about the state of this information. If it was previously housed in desktop computers and laptop, floods, fires and other natural disaster can destroy such vulnerable equipment. Because data is stored off-site in cloud server, this isn't an issue. 

Get Back Online Anywhere

Using a cloud service for its desktop, backup and servers ensure that a business can resume operations anywhere -- no matter where its employees or physical location is located. Relying on the cloud to house the operations center of a business makes establishing another operation center seamless. 

Employees Can Work Remotely Without Compromising Productivity

Weather events often have a significant amount of lead time that allows people to prepare for their arrival. This typically prompts employees to take measures to ensure that their belongings, property and families are safe. For some, this strategy could involve moving out of the path of the natural disaster. 

Arming employees with a laptop and utilizing cloud services means a business can still function far from its original center of operations. Many hotels today have a business office area that includes computers guests can use. 

Ensure Customer Service Continues

Using a cloud service enables a business to seamlessly, efficiently and quickly access the vital data that is needed to run its operations. The ability to communicate with customers during a weather event is reassuring to all parties involved. 

Customers are keep up-to-date about the business and how it is tackling the challenges of the weather. The business itself is likely to keep the customer because of its strategy of putting their needs first. 

Get Back in Business Quickly

Other businesses might be facing challenges regarding their actual building, its condition and the condition of the equipment inside. Relying on the cloud, however, means that even if the building a business is located in is destroyed, valuable data and other information can be easily accessed from a laptop or desktop computer located anywhere in the world. 

The ability to operation at normal -- or near-normal -- capacity means that a business will suffer fewer financial and other setbacks that are typically associated with such events. 

With inclement weather events, a business needs to be prepared for the unpredictable to occur. Tapping into the cloud addresses a crucial concern that allows a business to flourish in the face of such a disaster. 

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