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Apr 17, 2019
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What is MiCloud Connect?

This is a service offered by Mitel that is a unique business communications service that is completely cloud-based. It provides users with the ability to seamlessly use voice, contact and collaboration solutions from one single provider. This is an enormous convenience to users, and it makes business operations smoother and more efficient. MiCloud Connect combines a strong management portal with flexible service plans and an intuitive user experience. With this service, every part of communicating and collaborating using the cloud becomes simple.

What are the Key Benefits of MiConnect?

MiConnect offers users a variety of important business benefits, such as:

  • A smartphone application that allows users to take MiConnect with you
  • The ability to work away from the office without sacrificing the efficiency you would have in the office
  • A modern user interface that's simple to use
  • The ability to get work done fast and with a single click in many instances
  • A smooth, seamless work experience across all devices
  • Real-time management
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • A team of experts ready to assist with any questions or onboarding
  • Flexible service plans
  • The ability to add functionality as needed
  • The ability to easily upgrade permissions as the needs of a business change
  • Minimal training required


How Does MiConnect Help Businesses to Streamline?

MiConnect is the perfect streamliner for any business. By allowing employees and admin alike to work remotely and from anywhere, business can take place when and wherever anyone on the team requires it. There are many features to MiConnect that make this not only possible, but amazingly simple and intuitive, including:

  • Audio, web and video conferencing with single click-to-join to eliminate frustrating passcodes
  • One-to-one and group messaging, plus SMS so you can get your questions answered fast
  • Persistent workspaces with chat, tasks and file sharing help you stay organized and productive
  • Consolidate conversations and activities with persistent workspaces for messaging, file sharing and tasks


These functionalities can be used for a wide range of business purposes. With MiConnect, businesses can schedule events quickly and with ease, and they can stay organized with what is going on through a smooth calendar and email integration. Not only that, but customer interactions can be personalized, and it becomes a simple task to stay proactive with CRM integrations.

In addition, MiConnect allows employees and admin to work in the environments and electronic systems they prefer by managing calls for them, even when calls are within third-party applications and web browsers. With MiConnect, employees across the board can easily communicate with each other anywhere. Face-to-face meetings are no longer necessary, because they can all take place in real time, in the cloud.

Superior Customer Service

When MiConnect's superior customer service is taken into account, it just makes sense for businesses to use it. Onboarding specialists make integrating it into any business a simple matter of plug and play. Plus, customer-support specialists are available any time to answer questions  and to make sure things are moving smoothly. MiConnect is the communications solution that 21st-century businesses need to be their best.

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