The Importance of High-Speed Internet for Businesses

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Dec 12, 2018
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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Blue vivid image of globe. Globalization concept. Elements of this image are furnished by NASABusiness owners in most industries, to stay current, must have networks capable of handling cloud computing, file sharing and video conferencing. Employees might bring in their own devices, adding to the load of a company's Wi-Fi network. Keeping up with the bandwidth to handle it all can be expensive. Yet the other side of the coin is wasted time waiting for files to transfer, attachments to download and webpages to open. In short, more bandwidth translates to higher download speeds.

Frequent file-sharers need especially fast connections, especially during business hours when network demand runs high. If your business relies on the internet for research, emailing and social media campaigns, then adds video-conferencing capabilities, and then factors in employees who often receive large files to download, you're probably looking at 50 Mbps as a baseline.

Upload speed is also critical if your company creates multimedia content for online distribution and consumption.

Opportunity Costs

If you or your remote offices currently use Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service, chances are productivity could be greatly increased through an upgrade. Multiple users on the same connection will slow the work down further still. And that's when you'll get the buffering that makes online conferencing a chore no one wants to face.

Your carrier’s local infrastructure must excel, too, or your business internet becomes a pain point.

The opportunity costs can be loss of business and collaboration opportunities, in addition to sub-optimal productivity at work.

Profit and Loss

If your business is working with a slow client-management system, the customers will feel the pain, too. Speed greatly impacts the customer’s experience. Customers expect the businesses they work with to respond with the speed offered by today's most efficient networks.

What happens when an e-commerce site, a site that relies on affiliate advertising, or a site with any interactive information and sales features runs on a slow connection? The time it takes to load the pages is a turnoff — and the customers aren't alone in thinking so. Search engines will lower a site in the rankings if load time is slow. In turn, slow connections lead to still lower web traffic and, typically, the loss of opportunities for revenue.

Could Your Company Benefit from Faster, Better Connectivity?

Your business is too busy not to find out.

ATSI Business Communications Systems offers a Carrier Services Review at no charge to you. This will summarize your current phone and data plan needs and costs. Further, it will create an overview of the price reductions or efficiency gains your company can make.

Fast, dependable internet is available from cable companies and the major telecommunications firms. To equip you with today's fastest internet service, such as fiber-optic connections, we look to the leading telecommunications companies. ATSI represents Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Nitel and Windstream Spectrum.

Which carrier service and data plan can take your business to the next level? Which is the best fit for your location and the IT infrastructure you currently own? Call us at 713-622-8666 or send us a message online. Ask us about putting your company's internet on the fast track.