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Aug 3, 2023
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One of the great things about GoTo Connect’s all-in-one communications solution built for SMBs is that the cloud phone system with built-in meetings and messaging is constantly being updated by their product team.

“GoTo Connect is bringing new features with smarter ways to improve productivity and ease your workflow. We’re bringing more innovation to make IT even easier,” reported Ankita Dasgupta, GoTo Connect senior product marketing manager in July 2023.

The Benefits of GoTo Connect’s Virtual Phone System

For those familiar with GoTo Connect that know that the benefits of the system include:

  • A virtual phone system that has flexibility such as toll-free numbers, unlimited extensions, company-wide phone tree directory, and integration of apps such as Salesforce and Slack.

  • Super simple call routing and dial plans that can be customized with drag-and-drop Dial Plan Editor.

  • Work solutions that work on any app, anywhere including a desk, computer, or smartphone with the GoTo Connect app.

  • Boost customer engagement and sales behind voice and video with GoTo’s Customer Engagement solution and GoTo’s Contact Center solution.

GoTo Connect allows small and mid-sized businesses to do more while spending less.

GoTo Connect Smarter and Easier Features Improve Productivity

The GoTo Connect product team unveiled the following new features in July:

  • New Microsoft Teams Phone App: Easy workflows are great, but made even better when you lower operation costs, which is why GoTo Connect has created a new Microsoft Teams Phone App for communication and collaboration. The Microsoft Teams Phone App allows Microsoft users to make and receive phone calls within the Teams app without the need for new Teams licenses.
  • Integration with Visual Collaboration Platform Miro: There is even more demand to provide real-time collaboration as businesses continue to navigate hybrid and remote workplaces, so GoTo is now integrated with the visual collaboration platform Miro to make virtual collaboration even easier. Miro is built directly into GoTo’s meeting solutions, so users can access their board without leaving the meeting or training session. This integration allows users to drive better engagement across their teams by allowing better brainstorming, diagramming, and more.
  • SMS Health Dashboard: GoTo Connect users cannot get the whole picture with the GoTo SMS Health Dashboard. The Health Dashboard can help users understand the reasons behind text delivery failures. Users can learn from and manage their SMS services more efficiently while getting a high-level summary of deliverability, and comprehensive explanations for delivery failures.
  • Webcam Zoom: Tired of adjusting your background for webcam meetings? In GoTo’s meeting solutions, you can now ensure your camera is focused on you and not the distractions behind you. Join your collaborative session and update your camera viewpoint by zooming in and panning out without physically moving your camera.
  • Softphone Sidecar: On GoTo’s last “release day” the new softphone experience was added for better call experiences. Now GoTo is simplifying things to make it easier to use by adding a “docked mode” for users who prefer a single window experience and allows users to define a list of pinned contacts. These enhancements provide users with a solution for presence monitoring, speed dialing, and even faster call transfers.
  • Dial Plan Editor: Dial plans can be intricate and optimizing them isn’t always a one-person job. GoTo Connect’s Dial Plan Editor allows for more collaboration with notes and comments. Add a note next to the node to document your call flow logic and decision-making right in the editor itself.

SMBs who also utilize other GoTo solutions may also want to check out the latest updates to GoTo Contact Center:

  • New Interactions Details Report: See every step in a customer conversation so that you can provide coaching to agents and improve customer experience. In this report, users see all telephony events including when a call was ringing, answered, transferred, put on hold, and more. No longer only view a fragmented view of a call. Now receive a full customer journey from end to end.
  • GoTo Contact Center’s Conversation Review: With the latest update for GoTo Contact Center, you can now easily access an overview of the call, call transcriptions, call recording, and evaluate agent performance. Users will have a detailed view of the call events and have access to any notes made during the interaction. All of this in a single place makes team management more efficient.
  • Automated SMS to Abandoned Callers: Recover abandoned callers in an easy-to-use and manageable way. If a caller abandons the call while waiting in a queue, callers will be sent a timely SMS message to save a good customer experience. You’ll be able to customize these messages for the abandoned caller and see a comprehensive call report on responses.
  • Call Dispositions for More Visibility: GoTo Contact Center added Call Dispositions to define or label the outcome of a call. Agents will be able to categorize or assign an outcome to every single call, letting the supervisor report on specific call outcomes. Agents will select from a predefined list allowing for ease of reporting from the queue caller report, helping supervisors identify areas of improvement.
  • Call Event APIs: Extend the GoTo app with the new Call Event APIs. With GoTo’s new Call Events APIs, developers can leverage real-time updates of a customer’s journey to build out a full view of interactions. GoTo’s new Reporting API will provide robust access to search and filtering capabilities over every customer call that passes through your system.
  • New Ring Strategy Options: Choose from two new queue ring strategies to meet needs. These new ring strategies, longest call wait, and longest inbound wait, allow calls to be dispatched based on the length of time since the last call. Customize settings for each call queue to optimize its performance.
  • Agent Controlled Call Recording: GoTo Contact Center gives agents the ability to pause and unpause their call recordings, providing them with greater control and flexibility during customer interactions. This feature enhances customer privacy and allows agents to capture critical information accurately, ensuring better quality assurance.

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