VPN and Your Business Privacy

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Dec 19, 2019
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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Technology and all the accompanying innovations have undeniably revolutionized the workplace all over the world. Businesses can get their start and grow faster than ever.

As many business leaders have discovered, all the amazing modernization have added a substantial amount of risk to any organization. Data breaches have become commonly reported news items, unfortunately. Amid so many high-profile intrusions, it is vital to protect your customer, employee and intellectual property data, and your company’s reputation.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a highly effective way of protecting all data housed in your network without interrupting the regular flow of business. 

What Is a VPN? 

A VPN is a specialized network constructed using a series of public wires, extending a private network across a public network. It protects private, internal networks within your business by obscuring your computing signal and manipulating and reconfiguring your business’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. 

A high-quality VPN protects your private network, using encryption and other security tactics allowing only permitted users to gain access to your network and data. Authorized users in your business can send and receive data that runs across public networks using their computing devices—a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet—as if connected to your business’s private network. Your online searches and other activities appear to take place from a different machine, network, or geographic location.

The VPN acts as an encrypted tunnel through which it is possible to transmit data between a remote user and the business network, according to Webopedia. With such a protection tool in place, hackers cannot gain entry into your system to compromise your data. 

Businesses and everyday computer users have many reasons for investing in VPN service. 

How Does a VPN Protect Your Business Privacy?

Your clients, employees and stakeholders count on you to keep data regarding their interests private and protected from prying eyes. As business leaders everywhere delve deeper into the adoption of many technological innovations and the reliance upon data collection and analytics, the more clear its value becomes.

A VPN offers you a simple solution to protect your business privacy that offers you greater freedom to follow your organizational vision without seeing networking risks as an obstacle or a hardship. 

Why Is VPN So Valuable to Protecting Your Business Privacy? 

Privacy is a core element in developing a long-lasting bond as a good business partner and as a trusted authority in your industry. With each new high-profile data breach reported in the news, you stand out as a business that puts privacy first for everyone to whom you are responsible. 

Seeking and investing in a reputable VPN can help you re-imagine and solidify privacy protection for your business. A VPN gives you the power to turn business privacy into a practice as organic and central to your organization as your core competencies and customer service.

Do You Need More Information on VPN and Your Business Privacy?

If you are ready to take business privacy to new heights and create added layers of trust, our team is here to help you. Privacy is essential to building that trust, and we can help you further explore the power of VPNs in protecting your brand, employees, clients and stakeholders. 

Contact ATSI today to learn everything VPNs can do to help your business continue its success with confidence that your network is secure. 

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