What GoTo Connect Provides to Small Businesses

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Feb 16, 2021
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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Thanks to technology and the advancements that technology brings, many small businesses can run their businesses more efficiently than ever before. Unfortunately, many small businesses have no idea what types of technology and systems they can benefit from the most, as there are simply so many options out there, and small business owners may not have time to research them all. GoTo Connect is a phone system that is stacked with features that can benefit small businesses. Here is more information about GoTo Connect and why it may be beneficial for your small business. 

What is GoTo Connect? 

GoTo Connect is essentially a modernized business phone system. Instead of having a traditional landline and having to have phones at your employee's desk, GoTo Connect is a VoIP phone system that allows your employees to answer incoming phone calls directly from their computers. This allows them to answer calls on the go and even field phone calls and make outgoing phone calls when they are not in the office. GoTo Connect has all the features that you would expect to find in a traditional business phone system, along with features that are fairly new, thanks to technology. 

Why Is GoTo Connect Important for Small Businesses? 

GoTo Connect can be vital to small businesses. One of the reasons why GoToPretty happy young woman holding and pointing on smartphone blank screen standing over chalkboard background Connect can play such an important role in small businesses is because it gives small businesses an effective communication platform and phone system that is affordable. GoTo Connect is often cheaper than installing a landline system with multiple extensions within your business, or providing employees with their own cell phones to ensure you can reach employees at home. Another reason why GoTo Connect is important for small businesses is because it gives you and your employees flexibility. Your employees can work from home, work on a business trip, work on the weekends or even listen to voice messages and return phone calls while on vacation. Employees do not physically have to be in the office to receive phone calls, listen to messages, or make outgoing phone calls from their business line. 

How Can GoTo Connect Help With a Remote Work Environment? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses to change up the way they operate. More businesses are allowing employees to work remotely part of their work week or every day. In order to work from home, employees need to be able to field incoming calls and make outgoing phone calls. GoTo Connect helps to make that possible. In addition to that, GoTo Connect allows you to add multiple lines and extensions from the cloud, ensuring you can get a new employee up and running without ever having to set foot in a traditional office. All of this is vital to the overall operation of a remote work environment. 

GoTo Connect is a VoIP phone system that many small businesses can benefit from. If your business is looking to update your business communication systems, you may be looking for a company to assist you. Here at ATSI Business Communication Systems, we can help you select and implement communication systems, including GoTo Connect, that make sense for your business. Contact us today to learn more about getting started. 

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