Where to Start with IT Office Setup

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Dec 20, 2018
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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Businessman moving into a new office holding a boxIt can be a major hassle when you have to move and change jobs. Often, people realize that they have more stuff than they thought, which only makes the packing process even more difficult. The cords get tangled. Items don't fit in the boxes that they came in. People become disgruntled during the process and sometimes become even more frustrated when they realize that they need to repeat the unpacking process at their new place of work. Maybe worse, the phone lines are down and there isn't any internet. Nothing seems to work. Where do people even start when it comes to IT setup for their new office?

The Computer

Yes, setting up an office includes moving in a bunch of chairs, a desk, and all of the equipment; however, the fun doesn't stop here. You need to get your computer set up. This means making sure that all of the cables that connect the computer, monitor and keyboard are in good working order. Some people like to work with dual monitors, which can help to keep the information better organized. Don't neglect the backup drive. You don't want to lose all your hard work when the power goes out. 

The Internet Setup

In order for people to get their work done, most offices are going to require internet access. Of course, the basic internet is not going to be good enough. People need a reliable internet connection that can withstand weather changes, thick walls, and the demand that the job is going to place on it. Make sure to invest in a powerful internet connection that can handle multimedia processes. A network router is also going to be necessary for offices that have more than one computer that requires the internet. A wireless router is a good idea if the computers are spread out in different areas. Lastly, don't overlook the surge protector. This is a cornerstone of every home office that uses computer equipment.

Phone Lines and Software

Finally, people are going to need the phone lines to go up. Yes, many people use their mobile devices; however, an office needs a reliable phone system for people to communicate. It can be a hassle to get these phones up and running; however, they are essential for an office. Also, don't forget about the software that goes on the computer. Hopefully, this software also comes with antivirus protection to guard the hard work against less-than-reputable people.

A One-Stop Shop

In the end, it's a major challenge to contact many different service providers to get your new office set up. For this reason, it is much easier to contact one company to handle all of your IT needs, taking some of the stress off your shoulders and getting the office up and running in no time. For help with this process, reach out to ATSI today to learn more!


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