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Mar 10, 2020
ATSI Content Team
ATSI Content Team
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With the motto “Technology With a Human Touch,” the professionals of Evolve IP The Cloud Strategy Company is committed to incorporating and creating a strategy around multiple cloud services. This, in combination with IT, makes the process more efficient than ever. Evolve IP effectively integrates the most innovative designs and technology with the applications you are already implementing within your business’s current infrastructure for a seamless solution to your cloud requirements. They integrate several services including communications, cloud computing and other customized strategies, which are designed to make your business operate more efficiently. The following are some key elements that make Evolve IP and Cloud as a Strategy so innovative and impactful to your business:

  • Contact Center (CCaaS): Evolve IP proudly offers the backing of a Gartner-recognized contact center. This gives your business all you need to run an effective world-class contact center. Some of the technologies we offer include the following, all created to improve your overall customer experience:
    • Advanced reporting.
    • Business intelligence.
    • Customized integrations with your current business applications.
    • Omnichannel.
    • Workforce management.
    • Queue callback.
  • IP Phone Systems & UCaaS: Our cloud-based phone systems provide award-winning collaboration technology to your business. It includes the following services provided by Unified Communications and IP’s Cloud-based Phone Systems:
    • Conferencing.
    • Chat.
    • Video.
    • Crystal-clear voice integration that works with your current applications. This means your deployment will be much easier during the adoption phase.
  • Disaster Recovery (DRasS): Our Disaster Recovery Suite effectively protects your business’s data, allowing you to recover your environment base and infrastructural design. The following are a few of the services included in the disaster recovery services:
    • Cloud backups.
    • Options of either self-managed or fully managed solutions.
    • Ideal recovery times to ensure you meet your compliance and budget needs.
  • Desktop Solutions (DaaS): Our desktop solutions meet the diverse needs of any business, creating a unified desktop management option for virtual and physical desktops alike. This allows your IT department to deliver individualized desktop solutions for each and every user or employee, while improving end-user experience and maintaining control via the cloud. The following are important elements of our desktop solutions:
    • At Evolve IP, we are just one of eleven venders that are proudly listed in the DaaS Market Guide by Gartner.
    • Enables IT departments to provide appropriate desktop solutions for all end users.
    • Improves end-user support.
    • Organizes and oversees united desktop management.
  • Infrastructure (IaaS): Our VMware-certified cloud allows your business to utilize the benefits of a cloud infrastructure, without the headache involved in retrofitting traditional workloads. The following are additional benefits of our infrastructure:
    • Supports compliance and privy requirements.
    • Does not require a business learn additional skills.
    • No retrofitting required.

  • Network: By utilizing our Cloud Strategy, your business can effectively connect your services both in and out of the office. This is possible because we offer four separate ways for our customers to connect to our Virtual Private Cloud at Evolve IP. They are as follows:
    • Evolved Network.
    • Evolve Connect.
    • Public Connect.
    • Cloud Connect.

Why Choose Evolve IP Cloud Strategy?

If you are considering business communication systems and want the very best in the industry, look no further than our solutions at ATSI Business Communication Services. Our Evolve IP and Cloud Strategy, outlined above, is the ideal solution to virtually any business communication issue. Our strategies to integrate effective communication technologies into your business, including the discover, design, deploy and partner support services. Contact us for more information and to learn more about how Evolve IP and Cloud Strategy can work for your business’s cloud needs.

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