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Jul 5, 2023
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GoTo, the folks behind the GoTo Connect cloud phone system and virtual meeting platform, has launched a new mobile device management solution that allows IT teams to secure, set up, and manage company-owned and BYOD devices.

The mobile device management (MDM) unveiled in June 2023 pairs with GoTo Resolve (formerly known as GoToAssist), unified remote monitoring and management (RMM), and remote access IT support software. “The new GoTo Resolve MDM delivers on the need for businesses to ensure the security, compliance, and encryption of company data on a range of devices used by employees around the world,” said GoTO in a release. “GoTo Resolve MDM ensures strict compliance and streamlines management of devices running iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS, regardless of location.”

Core Features of the GoTO Resolve MDM

Available as an add-on to GoTo Resolve’s core RMM offering or as a standalone solution, GoTo Resolve MDM includes the following features:

  • Automate Device Setup: Easily enroll new devices remotely with pre-configured settings and applications to automatically comply with company policies out of the box.

  • Deliver Real-time Analytics: Keep a pulse on endpoints with insights on device hardware and software, and monitor devices from any location.

  • Enforce Data Protection: Lock down sensitive company data with a wide range of security settings including disk encryption and mandatory strong passcodes. Track and wipe devices remotely.

  • Simplify Control and Configurations: Reduce the burden on IT teams by easily pushing device configurations, restrictions, updates, and applications via mass-deployment policies or individual installations.

  • Support all Major Operating Systems: No device type is left behind with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS coverage.

“With GoTo Resolve’s new MDM solution, we can now offer businesses all the features they need for effective management of company-owned and BYOD devices in a user-friendly interface, so IT teams can better control and secure devices and data, automate tasks, and provide remote maintenance from anywhere. This solution, coupled with Resolve’s existing support for Windows and Mac endpoints, provides IT administrators with a truly heterogeneous device management experience,” said Damon Covey, Senior Vice President, Head of Product at GoTo.

New Software Comes Less Than a Year After Acquisition

The new MDM comes less than a year after GoTo announced that it had completed a deal to acquire a cloud-based device management provider, Miradore, in September 2022.

“GoTo's acquisition of Miradore delivered a key asset for GoTo Resolve, and with today’s launch we've seamlessly integrated the product into our proven IT management and support solution,” said Covey last month.

At the time of the Miradore acquisition, GoTo promised additional mobile device management capabilities would be added to the GoTo portfolio and GoTo Resolve IT support platform with the goal of allowing customers to manage any device from any location via a single application.

“We’re very excited to take the next step today in our integration of Miradore’s excellent team and mobile device management capabilities into the GoTo portfolio,” said Paddy Srinivasan, Chief Executive Officer at GoTo, last fall. “With iOS, Android, and macOS making up roughly two-thirds of Operating Systems worldwide, our enhanced device management capabilities from this acquisition plus our support of Windows devices will allow GoTo to provide our customers with a true all-in-one integrated IT management experience.”

GoTo Announced New Remote Monitoring & Management Features in February

June’s GoTo Resolve MDM announcement came just four months after the company had unveiled new remote monitoring and management features for customers.

“GoTo Resolver launches an all-new free remote monitoring and management tool, advanced helpdesk functionality, and 60+ new features in the first year to deliver full IT service management capabilities in 2023,” said GoTo.

The offerings announced in February 2023 included:

  • New Free RMM Offering: The first-of-its-kind free RMM solution includes customizable device monitoring, an intuitive system diagnostics dashboard, background terminal and file manager access, and unlimited remote access and automation for up to five priority devices.

  • Proactive Device Monitoring: Automatically detect device issues and address them proactively with customizable alert policies before they escalate.

  • Endpoint Protection Software Management: Easily monitor and manage antivirus software from a single dashboard with the ability to request status updates, view a list of threats, and initiate scans.

  • Automated Patch Management: Identify, approve, and automatically deploy Windows patches to one or more devices to keep software up-to-date and protected against threats without interrupting users.

At the same time, updates to the helpdesk software included:

  • Flexible End-user Portal: A hub that enables users to create tickets, see a list of previously submitted support requests, and add comments to existing requests.

  • Enhanced Helpdesk Reporting: Agents can generate reports on tickets based on category, drill down to see details and export ticket data.

  • Customized Workflows: Ticketing now includes enhanced quick actions, attachments, labels, and the ability to add custom fields to tickets.

  • Mobile App Ticketing: Agents can provide full support and resolve filed tickets via the GoTo Resolve mobile agent app.

“We’ve made tremendous strides with GoTo Resolve since its launch just last year, introducing more than 60 new features and updates, developing a new offering specifically for MSP customers, and more than tripling our total managed devices and growing our weekly active users by more than 200 percent in the last six months alone. Building on its IT support roots, GoTo now offers a powerful RMM tool with GoTo Resolve. This continual evolution is all part of GoTo’s strategy to provide businesses with a full IT service management solution later this year,” said Srinivasan.

Mobile Devices are Essential for Employees to do Their Jobs

The importance of GoTo’s new MDM solution is highlighted by Frost & Sullivan’s research that found, even prior to the pandemic, that 80 percent of business leaders thought mobile devices were essential for employees to do their jobs.

GoTo says that as hybrid work has become entrenched as a post-pandemic business model, and employees are now using multiple devices, many of them unsecured, proactive MDM software is a necessity to ensure the security and control of potentially vulnerable endpoints.

Frost & Sullivan concluded that “modern work is mobile work” with mobile devices threatening to overtake desktop computing in the future.

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