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Aug 13, 2021
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Whether you are just setting up a new company office space or you have a greater demand for upgrading your communication system, start with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business phone systems. A basic telephone system in-house connects various departments, offices and teams. This is designed for handling the influx of calls to your customer service teams and in-network.

Here at ATSI, we specialize in VoIP phone systems for businesses and enterprise operations. Consider the top brands of VoIP business phone systems, as well as how to choose the right solution for your company’s communications needs.

About Company Communication Systems

Shopping for the right communication system for inbound and outbound calls as wellCheerful man in office answering the phone-1 as messaging takes consideration. However, this is only the bare bones of a communication network for an enterprise. First, you need to note the requirements of a company communications setup, which typically include:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Automated services
  • Staffing

Also, take into account the various brands of phone systems that are on the market. Here at ATSI we work with a variety of service providers to offer everything that your business needs for a new or updated business phone system.

Leading Brands for VoIP Phone Systems

One of the most popular VoIP phone systems that is available at ATSI is part of the Zoom product line. Here you have the Zoom Enterprise cloud phone system. Some of the features available with this phone system for businesses include:

  • Auto attendants
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • HD voice

Along with having the popular Zoom Meetings and Zoom Chat, Zoom also offers Zoom Rooms and workspaces for virtual conferences, as well as video webinar hosting. Zoom provides several great tools for helping businesses work with a single platform in a variety of ways.

RingCentral is the other major provider of cloud-based communications solutions. In the RingCentral network, companies gain access to various APIs or application programming interfaces including:

  • Communications configurations and data APIs
  • Fax APIs
  • SMS and team messaging APIs
  • Video meeting APIs
  • Voice APIs

GoToConnect made by Jive is another way that ATSI serves companies with communication solutions. This cloud-based VoIP covers video conferencing and call center service, as well as basic call management and voice calling. Overall, GoToConnect has more than 100 features, making this a highly valuable asset to include with any telecommunications plan for a business.

A popular business phone manufacturer that we offer here at ATSI is Mitel. This brand makes a couple of different phone products, including the:

  • MiCloud Connect system
  • 400 series phone
  • 6900 series phone

More than two billion businesses worldwide, including nonprofit organizations and multisite locations, use this high-level business telephone system. It is highly trusted by the team at ATSI to provide continuous clear coverage for conversations with customers, clients and employees.

Select the Best in Business Phone Systems

There are three main types of VoIP phone systems that are designed for businesses and enterprise communications. These include cloud-based phone systems that include mobile communications, as well as hosted in-house business phone systems. The third type is the unified communications system. To choose any of these business phone systems for your company today with our affordable, high-tech products.

Tim Martin leads a team of passionate individuals who readily understand ATSI and its mission and services. Contact our Houston, TX VoIP company today at 713-622-8666 to request a quote on business phone systems, carrier services or cloud solutions.

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